Boreline – Benefits

Boreline® benefits at a glance:

  • Corrosion free and does not scale.
  • Is not subject to microbial attack.
  • Has tremendous tensile strength.
  • Superb hydraulic performance.
  • Has superior flow rates.
  • Comes in continuous lengths up to 300m.
  • Is lightweight and rolls flat.
  • Is easy to store, handle & transport.
  • Quick and easy to install and retrieve.
  • Less manpower required.
  • Potable water approved.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Advantageous in restricted working areas.

Comparison of features

Feature Boreline® Steel Fibre glass Poly / PVC pipe
Totally corrosion resistant Yes No Yes Yes
Quick and easy to install and retrieve Yes No No No
Low friction loss Yes No No No
Easy to transport Yes No No No
Easy to store Yes No No No
No support ropes Required Yes Yes Yes No
One continuous length Yes No No Yes
High working pressure Yes Yes No Yes
Deep bore potential (>150m, 500ft) Yes Yes No Yes
Power cable support System Yes No No Yes
Long life expectancy Yes No Yes Yes
Potable water approved Yes Yes ? ?

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify specifications without prior notice.
Please contact us on any technical queries or +27 21 948 3971

Saving you time. Saving you money.

We guarantee that your initial investment in Boreline® can pay for itself in a year! Why can we be so sure?

  • Boreline® is lightweight and therefore takes up less space than traditional rigid pipes. It is easier and less expensive to transport. Why use a truck when you can use a small pick-up truck or LDV? For the same reason you do not need a team of men to install the product – two men and a rolling wheel are practically all you need to install any length resulting in labour cost savings.
  • What about long term maintenance costs? Here again, the retrieval procedure is far easier than with rigid pipes. In addition, Boreline® is not subject to the corroded or brittle joints found when using steel or PVC risers.
  • Boreline® also does not scale internally This in addition to its unique property of swelling under pressure ensures that your well continues pumping volumes at optimal level with reduced energy costs.
  • Boreline® also has a long life expectancy and guarantees peace of mind in the long term.
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