Product description and applications

MineLine is a high-pressure, high strength lay-flat hose designed for pumping aggressive water around mine sites. Safety and efficiency are important factors when choosing products for these applications. MineLine is well-suited for:

  • Mine water pumping
  • Dewatering collection pits
  • Operating in rugged terrain or other corrosive environments
  • Operating in sub-zero conditions
  • Anywhere that constant movement of pumps and other equipment makes rigid piping a problem


  • Manufactured with high tenacity fibers.
  • Totally protected with an abrasion-resistant, polyurethane material.
  • Light-weight and easy to handle.
  • A quick, efficient and safe solution to any environment where circumstances are continually changing.

If you require information on bend radius of Mineflex, please contact us on sales@hosessa.com

MineLine Specifications

Inside Diameter Burst Pressure Operating Pressure Weight
50mm (2″) 65 Bar 25 Bar 0.6 kg/m
76mm (3″) 60 Bar 25 Bar 0.95 kg/m
102mm (4″) 55 Bar 22 Bar 1.4 kg/m
152mm (6″) 50 Bar 20 Bar 2.2 kg/m
202mm (8″) 40 Bar 18 Bar 3.4 kg/m
254mm (10″) 33 Bar 16 Bar 4.1 kg/m
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