As water begins to play a more significant role in all of our lives, understanding the implications is of the utmost importance to each and every one of us. Few aspects of our common life can be more important than water. Water is critical to the growth and prosperity of a nation.

Boreline® is at the forefront of the advances leading towards the management of this most valuable resource, offering sustainable, cost-effective and technologically superior alternatives to traditional methods available.

Taking groundwater usage and control into the new millenium

Changes in weather patterns are affecting the environment of many countries and the lives of its citizens. Many communities are experiencing unexpected climatic changes, as they move from unprecedented droughts to devastating floods, threatening to ruin the entire economy.

For this reason, the management of water has become a national priority in most countries. The effective control and management of water is of interest to all and can only be achieved through public co-operation.

The aim of water resource management is to reduce the resulting damage to life and property as a result of flooding on the one hand and as water shortages occur more often and with more drastic consequences, the possible impact of droughts must be identified and measures are taken to minimise them.

Excessive over-pumping of groundwater creates significant problems, such as increased well drilling and pumping costs. Water quality also suffers because groundwater pumped from greater depths contains more salts and minerals. In areas of severe groundwater depletion, the earth’s surface may also subside, causing cracks or fissures that can damage roads or building foundations and other underground structures.

Recognizing that the continued depletion of finite groundwater supplies threatens prosperity and quality of life, countries have to create a framework to manage the water supply for the future.

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