Boreline – 5 Year Warranty

Terms and conditions

All due precaution is taken during the Manufacturing Process to ensure quality products. The situation may however arise where a Manufacturing Fault is not identified during the testing phase. If a problem should arise the following conditions apply:

  • Hose Manufacturers (the manufacturer) must be informed promptly and supplied with all requested information and samples to fully investigate the complaint.The Warranty is only valid on Workmanship or Material problems identified as a Manufacturing or Production problem.
  • Boreline® that has been misused or damaged in any way due to incorrect application or mishandling before, during or after installation is excluded from any Warranty Claim.
  • Boreline® that is not used for the intended and designed purpose is excluded from any Warranty Claim and is for the risk of the user.
  • Boreline® must only be connected or joined using the supplied Boreline Couplings or Boreline Joiner and where this is found to not be the case, no claim will be considered.
  • Boreline® Cable Straps must be used to support the power cable along the entire length of the hose.
  • Not registering your Boreline® can prejudice any claim at the manufacturers’ discretion.
  • The Warranty applies to the Original Purchaser in respect of the Boreline® cost and excludes any claim for any direct or indirect costs or consequential damage or loss.

The Warranty Costs are subject to the following conditions taking into consideration the service already obtained from the Boreline®:

Months from Purchase* 0 to 12 12 to 24 24 to 36 36 to 48 48 to 60
Replacement Hose Cost to User** Free 20% 40% 60% 80%

Please note:

* “Months from Purchase” defines the time from when the hose was dispatched from Hose Manufacturers or their approved agents.
** “Replacement Hose Cost to User” denotes the cost to the user of a new replacement hose at current costs.Should you not understand any part of this Warranty, we ask you to please consult Hose Manufacturers or its approved agents to verify any issues prior to purchasing any products.

Successful Boreline® Installation
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