Mineral Enriched Groundwater

Mineral Enriched Groundwater

When water quality is very aggressive the result is a rapid deterioration in the quality of flexible riser used. This reason can be a low pH value, aggressive carbonic acid or electrically conducting salts.

Boreline® is ideal for working in these conditions. TPU (Thermo-Plastic Polyurethane), the material that encapsulates the entire hose, has exceptional strength and durability and is ideal in aggressive water conditions.

Risers made of base metals, whether galvanised or coated will be subject to this corrosive action. Stainless steel risers will be slightly less susceptible to these minerals however are still subject to internal scaling. The rigid riser has to be removed to flush and clean the inside for a better flow.

Water with a high iron content can also create internal build-up inside the flexible riser very quickly and cause severe blockages. The only way to remove this would be to remove the flexible riser and flush or scrape the internal surface.


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