Stainless Steel Boreline Couplings are made to last!

In line with the “Zero Maintenance” policy adopted in the manufacture of Boreline, even the couplings have been designed with long-term benefits and safety factors in mind.

Stainless Steel (SS 316) is the standard material used for the couplings due to its life expectancy. Hose Manufacturers has also released a more economical High Tensile Polymer (HTP) coupling manufactured from state of the art materials.

All Boreline couplings are fully re-usable and each comprise of a body and two outer fastening clamps. The body contains ribs over which the hose fits and the clamps tightened. The clamps are each split into three equal parts ensuring an unyieldingly tight fit.

The couplings are available with either BSP or NPT male thread for attachment to the pump at one end and to the head works at the surface.