DeepSet Product Description and Applications

DeepSet is a tough abrasion resistant hose specifically
designed for extremely deep pump settings where Boreline has
it’s limitations.

DeepSet is suited for:

• Deep Submersible Pump installations
• Mine Dewatering
• Deep well applications

Benefits and Cost Saving Features considering DeepSet application:

• Quick, easy, inexpensive installation and retrieval
• Fully resistant to corrosion, scaling & biological growth
• Light weight
• Less manpower required
• Excellent hydraulic performance
• Advantageous in restricted working area
• Flexible from -40°C to +70°C
• Superb hydraulic performance
• Available in up to 400 m length


3″   76mm
Burst Pressure
100 bar
Recommended Max Operating Pressure
42 bar
Approx Tensile Strength
12 000 kg
Recommended Max Working Load
4 000 kg
Weight of DeepSet
1.3 kg/m
Minimum Well Diameter 202 mm
Coupling Diameter
125 mm
Coupling Ring Torque setting 30 Nm
SS Coupling weight 9 kg
Approx Weight of Water 5.1 kg/m

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify specifications without prior notice.
Please contact us on any technical queries or +27 21 948 3971

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