Completed Project: Water Supply, Serowe, Botswana

The Department of Water Affairs in Botswana needed to upgrade the water supply to the town of Serowe. Geoflux were the consultants and ASA Enterprises were awarded the civil work. Nine new wells were drilled to ensure an adequate water supply far into the future.

Pumpco together with KSB Pumps were awarded the tender for the installation of the pumps. The pumps were installed on Boreline ranging from 2″ to 4″ and with pump settings between 130m and 205m.

There were numerous reasons why Boreline was used:

  • The remoteness and inaccessibility of the position of the wells. Boreline was a lot easier to transport to the site.
  • Installation did not require heavy machinery. A three man team could equip 3 wells in a day.
  • Any servicing of the pump and motors at a later stage would be far easier and also not require heavy machinery.
  • Due to the low coefficient of friction of Boreline and the fact that no scaling can take place in the Boreline, the pump efficiency remains high for the life of the pump.
  • Due to the lower friction loss less electricity is used than on an equivalent installation with steel pipe.
Boreline and pumps are loaded on to the 4 wheel drive vehicles to be taken to site.
The road followed the veterinary fence for many kilometers…
… not without it’s problems.
Preparation of the pump for attachment to the Boreline with the Boreline coupling.
Boreline, power cable and dipper tube are laid out ready for the dipper tube and power cable to be attached to the Boreline with the Boreline Cable strap.
The Pump is lifted into position.
The pump and Boreline is lowered into the well over the rolling wheel.
Base plate being lowered into position.
With the sun setting, all that is left to do is to fasten the baseplate.