Product description and applications

Cobra is a non-percolating hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket. It is ideal for situations where water damage must be avoided, or where foam-making equipment is in use.

Benefits and cost saving features

  • Rot proof – These hoses are rot proof, and need not be dried after use
  • Weather resistant – The synthetic fibres in the hose jacket are resistant to the effects of ultra violet rays
  • Light & flexible – Coil diameter has been reduced for easy handling. The hoses are therefore light and flexible
  • Manufactured according to SANS 1456-3:2007 specification


Inside Diameter Coil Diameter (mm) per 30m lengthWeight (g/m)Short Length Bursting KPAOperating Pressure KPA
38mm (1½")38018048001200
44mm (1¾")38019045001800
50mm (2")58021045001800
64mm (2½")40026542501500
76mm (3")41031037501200
102mm (4")42042036001200

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify specifications without prior notice.

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